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Cyberchase Webisodes

cyber webisodes poster

Shorts Webisodes

Format: Web Series - 30 second, 1 minute & 5 minute shorts

Producers: Title Entertainment, WNET Channel 13

Podcasters: PBS Kids

One and three minute formats based on the long running and popular series, Cyberchase. Follow the hijinks of Hacker's dim witted henchmen, Buzz and Delete as they fumble their way through fractions to tessellations and watch the game show theme which pits the Cybersquad and their friends against THE Hacker in the ultimate battle of wits

PIP's Role:

Creative Direction, Episodic Design, Dialogue Record, Storyboards, Leicas, Location Keys, Production Layouts, Background Keys, Production Backgrounds, Animation Direction, Animation, VFX, Locked Picture.